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Photo: Shibuya Foodshow court. Giving it a deep thought and choosing the right kind of pastry is a national pastime.

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Japanese Pictures: all featured Cities
photo albums of Japanese cities, with some introduction to the clueless... take your time.

If you are traveling through the country and would like to see our pictures and information of the places which you're heading to, or if you're interested in a certain city you know at least the name of. If you know or would want to know Japan by its cities, just browse on.

Go to Tokyo ! - Hypermodern capitalist-socialism, pop culture vs. serious business.
30 or so albums on all famous or interesting districts of the ten million people metropolis...

Kansai ! - See why kansai people never run out of energy. In neither means.
From the loud and friendly Osaka to the calm and beautiful Kyoto temple gardens...

Kanto ! - The pillars that hold Tokyo...
Natural and spiritual escapes, great cities and of course the food :) See Nikko's thousand year old temples and forests... the 21st century Yokohama and more...

Hokkaido ! - The vastness of the northern island...
Crabs, spas, volcanoes, Sapporo, Otaru, Noboribetsu... and Aomori at the northern edge of Tohoku, the passage between the two islands.


Photo: Tokyo, Shibuya, Hachiko crossing view from the Yamanote line train platform Tokyo Photos and information on Tokyo, Japan ( 30 albums )

An ultramodern cosmopolitan metropolis with a history on its own, and over ten million people simultaneously altering its present, the capital of Japan, an economic and cultural juggernaut, one of the most notable places on the face of the earth, that everyone knows something about. It has as many sides as many faces you see on the streets, you simply have to experience Tokyo to have a vague idea on what it should mean to you.

Young and energetic entertainment, shopping and fashion district with views everyone has seen at least once. Often the world debut stage for music, movies, and games, vibrant and never boring.
Aoyama - Omotesando - Jinguame
Neighboring Shibuya, a relaxed option to dive into tokyoite culture and shopping. Hosts modern galleries, design showrooms, cafes, boutiques and gardens.
For those whom this name rings a bell no introduction is needed. For those who don't know, they probably shouldn't go there. The world center of Anime, Manga, Games and electronics with a strong pushover style.
The heart of Tokyo, Japan, and probably one of the most famous cities in the world. A more adult version of Shibuya, shopping, dining and entertainment district, and home of the gigantic and calm imperial park.
Trendy and cult fashion district for everyone who likes to be stylish. World famous for extravagance in people and even food, and the number of boutiques per square meters is matched nowhere else in the world.
In between Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku, home of the Meiji Jingu shrine and its surrounding gardens, as well as the Yoyogi park, the Yoyogi stadium and a colorful lot of people visiting.
Asakusa - Azumabashi
Home of Senso-ji temple, Asakusa shrine and the Azumabashi bridge, the most famous historic views of Tokyo. Also the ideal place to buy classic souvenirs and see a wide variety of tourists.
Elite and somewhat snobbish shopping and entertainment district, mainly for wealthier audience. Hidden in the smaller streets you will find all the necessary scenes and stars for a movie about a never-existed Tokyo.
Tokyo - Yurakucho - Marunouchi
Geographic center of Tokyo, famous for the Imperial Palace, and the home of business complexes, banks and the International Forum.
Jinbocho - Kanda - Ochanomizu
Scenes from Jinbocho, or "Book Town", and its more relaxed surroundings, of universities and students in Kanda district.
Kitanomaru Koen
Huge park in the heart of the city, only minutes away from the Imperial Palace. Home of the Nippon Budokan national martial arts hall.
Komagome - Rikugien
Rikugien, beautifully maintained historic traditional Japanese gardens and strolls displaying famous scenes in all seasons. Located in Komagome.
Travel back to the 20th century to see more relaxed but somewhat late scenes of Tokyo. Ueno park is home to many museums, galleries and a zoo, while the Ameya Yokocho shopping arcade gives you an idea of the old fashioned downtown markets.
Shiodome is home to the recently completed project the SIO-SITE with 21st century high-rise apartment complexes, hotels, media broadcast centers and malls. At the Tokyo Bay end you'll find the Hama-Rikyu gardens with breathtaking views.
The center of one of the largest districts in Tokyo, Setagaya-ku. A nice and relaxed suburban feeling with a glimpse on how residential areas live their lives on the streets everyday, all in the shadow of the skyscraper of the Setagaya Business Center.
Tamachi - Shibaura - Odaiba - Tokyo Teleport
Another huge project of architectural wonders, populating the entire Odaiba Bay. Home of the Rainbow Bridge, amusement parks, business centers, clubs and the Fuji TV broadcast center.
Tokyo Tower - Kamiyacho - Azabudai
The most famous icon of Tokyo, overlooking the city in all directions, offering a perfect view on how vast it actually is.
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo Dome City hosts more than the stadium itself, there are amusement parks, the LaQua shopping complex, the Prism Hall, and a huge hotel overlooking the area.
Sakuragaoka - Daikanyama
South of Shibuya, north of Ebisu, a relaxed residential area and a trendy - if somewhat pricey - small shopping district. Refined in taste both in fashion and food with many shops offering merchandise imported from all around the world.
Home of Ebisu Garden place, a recently built very stylish looking shopping, dining and business complex. Less busy than the neighboring Shibuya, and hidden around the huge station the streets showcase some of the best clubs and restaurants.

Hidden on the map but known to everyone who cares, the south gate exit opens to streets with the best shops for high-school age and young adults. A likable guide for fashion, music, books, clubs, and independent theaters.

The north side is a colorful, cute and always crowded town of small shops, restaurants and cafes, while the south exit runs into the new PAL avenue shopping arcade. Further south you'll arrive to Look, THE vintage fashion clothing street.
Yotsuya - Shinjukuicchome
East of Shinjuku, north of Shinjuku Gyoen ( the imperial park ) is Yotsuya station. Even though not much of an attraction, offers lots of calm strolls by the side of typical Tokyo buildings, without the crowds.
A famous residential area and its "open air shopping mall", a town center with classy and stylish food, fashion, and other lifestyle related shops from overseas cosmetics to Nihon ningyo ( Japanese doll ) crafts.
The station is built together with two of the world's largest department stores, which get extremely crowded during seasonal sales. Also home of the Sunshine 60 complex. Catering to shopping people of all ages and style its closest relative in Tokyo would be Shinjuku.

Akasaka - Akasakamitsuke
Home of Hie Jinja ( shrine ) and its famous torii, or shrine gates, that lead up to the top of the hill. Mainly a business center with an atmospheric entertainment and dining district for the nearby residents - thus somewhat close to Roppongi in feeling.

Located at the southwestern prefectural boundary it's the furthermost end of Tokyo, offering a one-of-a-kind view from Asama Jinja ( shrine ) to the other side of the Tamagawa river.
One of the busiest, largest and most advanced stations in Tokyo, with platforms for all Shinkansen trains that head west. Outside it's a business center with glass and chrome colored high-rise buildings.
A nice and calm area with a typical university on one end, and a typical relaxed shopping street on the other end of the station.
Roppongi is not Japan. It's a business, residential and entertainment district for foreigners, thus has a definite unpleasant feel for some.

Photo: Chuzen-ji lake, Nikko National Park, Nikko district.Kanto region

The southeastern half of Japan's main island Honshuu is said to have the most dense population of the entire country since Tokyo ( Edo ) became the capital. But even with the huge cities now on the verge of getting built together, Kanto has many places to put the ultramodern urban areas in contrast... some of the most beautiful escapes from the Kawasaki - Yokohama - Tokyo - Chiba metropolis include the temples at Narita mountain, Nikko up at the northern end with its popular and wonderfully preserved ( what preserved, still active ) Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines... hikes in national parks all around the most picturesque lands, places you may have heard about like Mt. Fuji... and places you should visit even if you never heard of, like Kamakura...


Photos of Nikko and the Nikko National Park, JapanNikko
The nicest place to get faraway yet stay close. Two hours north of Tokyo, with world heritage Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and the forests of the Nikko national park.

Photos of Kamakura beach, JapanKamakura
A popular field trip destination with lots of historic temples and shrines... of which none are covered here. Since it's also at the ocean-side with a well-equipped beach offering views you just can't catch deep inside the mainland.

Photos of Yokohama, JapanYokohama
South of Tokyo, with a population of 3 million people. A huge port city with a gigantic collection of 21st century architecture at the Minato Mirai complex. Also hosts many museums and parks by the bay, and the main attraction, a sparkling gold, red and blue chinatown catering to the entire Kanto region.

Photos of Narita, JapanNarita
Narita is not a part of Tokyo, in fact it is about two hours away by train if you don't pay for the express. But nonetheless well worth a visit by everyone for its relaxed countryside streets and alleys. Home of a beautiful, large Buddhist temple-complex on Narita-san, and a tourist-oriented but cute all the same main street.

Photo: Kyoto, Arashiyama district, the garden of the Tenryuu-Ji  Buddhist templePhoto: Osaka, Shinsaibashi Suji shopping arcade Kansai region

The Kansai region includes many world famous cities of which the most important from a cultural aspect is definately Kyoto. The city that has been the capital of Japan through many ages over and over again and is still said to be the most important when it comes to religion in Japan. Kansai people are said to be of somewhat outgoing in their nature, speak their minds, eat lots of food and try to live out their lives to the fullest. While Kyoto city is the modern age cultural-, Osaka is the economical and entertainment center of the area.

Digest albums:
Kyoto Pictures, selected attractions

Osaka Pictures, selected attractions

Photos of Kyoto city, JapanKyoto
Has been the capital of Japan for many times and thus it's well guarding its cultural and architectural history. Offers more beautiful temples and shrines than any other place, which now coexist with the modern age centers in a nice blend.
Photos of the Shinkansen on the Tokyo - Kyoto line, JapanShinkansen to Kyoto
En route to Kyoto encounter some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country as a comfortable real-time slideshow. Views include Fuji san ( mount Fuji ) as well as some typical countryside moments.
Photos of Arashiyama, Kyoto, JapanKyoto, Arashiyama
The northwestern area of Kyoto, with its own train lines leading to an unbelievable district of Buddhist temples, bamboo groves, hillside gardens, Shinto shrines and the colorful atmospheric facilities around the stations catering to the visitors who arrive from all over Japan.
Photos of Kibune and Kurama, Kyoto, JapanKyoto, Kurama, Kibune
The cute twin valleys hidden on the northernmost of Kyoto offer an unforgettable walk by Kibune river, with classic ryokans ( Japanese inns ) and restaurants built in complete harmony with their surroundings, and a traditional onsen ( hot spring spa ) in Kurama.
Photos of Nara, JapanNara
Also a past capital, probably the No. 1 destination for school trips for its calm strolls of historic sights. Has the second highest density of temples and shrines to Kyoto, but being one tenth in size is much more relaxed. Most famous for the Daibutsu Den ( hall of the great Buddha ) and Nara Koen ( park ) which takes up the entire eastern area. Filled with deer walking about freely, not paying you attention unless you possess shika-senbei crackers.
Photos of Osaka city, JapanOsaka
The heart of Kansai, and probably the second most important city of Japan, Osaka is a one-of-a-kind modern merchant city with an attitude. People speak kansaiben ( kansai dialect ) which somehow has the same ring as their lifestyle... they are friendly, loud, upfront, and like to live out things. Osaka is also the proof of the fact that if you eat a lot of healthy food and don't stress yourself, you'll grow up to be tall, cheerful and healthy.
Photos of Chuo Osaka, Osaka castle, Osaka, JapanOsaka Castle, Central Osaka
The most famous historic sight in Osaka, the Osaka castle stands right in the middle of the city, equally far from the business complexes and the busy station of Umeda ( North Osaka ) and the unbelievably vibrant entertainment districts of Namba, Ebisubashi and Dotonbori ( South Osaka ). It's surrounded by its own huge park and is neighboring the Osaka Business Park.
Photos of Shinsekai, Osaka, JapanOsaka, Shinsekai
Shinsekai means New World, which conveys its purpose of being built as a new age entertainment and dining district... back in 1969. It strictly stayed the way it was. Now it's an amazing retro area with great dining, an ideal place to see how ( depressing ) the architecture was back then. But most importantly it's the home of the famous icon of Osaka, the Tsutenkaku tower.

Photo: Sapporo, TV Tower and the Odori Koen park winter illuminationPhoto: Otaru, restaurant front at the canalHokkaido region,
Tohoku region

The northern end of the main island, Tohoku, and across the sea, or rather below the sea in a train tunnel you arrive to Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. Much less dense in population, colder in its weather, and the agricultural flagship of the country, in Hokkaido you'll find every aspect of being in Japan while still having a feeling that you're in northern Europe. Spas, hot springs, crabs and lobsters, jinghis-khan ( the food not the person ), snow fesival, harbours and fishing towns, beer brewery from the 1860s and active volcanic landscapes are the major attractions, but even with at any given time most people being around are actually tourists, the regional center Sapporo can take on any other Japanese city with its modern architecture, busy nightlife and economy...

Photos of Otaru, Hokkaido, JapanOtaru
Only half an hour away from Sapporo, an ideal place to go out hunting for ( interesting ) food. Its main attraction apart of a large number of kani ( crab ) and fresh sushi restaurants is the seaside where a colonization-era scene is photographed by thousands of tourists each day. The canal and its surrounding buildings bring up a feeling of the 19th century... Germany.
Photos of Aomori, Tohoku, JapanAomori
The northernmost larger city of Honshu ( Main Island ) and an important passageway to even further north, Hokkaido. It serves as a regional center for the area, and as a midway stop for travelers as well, with a large number of hotels and a long shopping street running from the station into the heart of the entertainment district. Its most famous view is the Aomori Bay Bridge.
Photos of Sapporo, Hokkaido, JapanSapporo
The largest city and the prefectural capital of Hokkaido, it's a place that the word spacious can describe best. Its geography is unique to other cities as it was planned well ahead during its foundation in the 19th century. Almost 2 million people come and go on the gridlined streets to the gigantic shopping, dining and business center around the train station in the north, to the entertainment districts including Susukino on the south, and Odori koen in the middle. Its most famous icons include the TV Tower, the Odori park itself, the colonization-era buildings of Akarenga and the Tokei-dai ( clock tower ), the Sapporo Beer-en, Japan's first beer brewery, and the view from Moiwa yama.
Photos of Noboribetsu Onsen, Hokkaido, JapanNoboribetsu
Japan is world famous for its bathing culture and spas, and within Japan the most famous attraction is definitely Noboribetsu Onsen. Located deep within a volcanic mountain range is the tourist center with nothing but hotels, spas, restaurants and shops catering to the people arriving from all over the country. The water is supplied from the nearby natural hot springs, visiting its origin is an attraction itself. Only about ten minutes away from the center you are already deep within Jigokudani ( Hell valley ), and not much further you can see the active volcano Hiyoriyama and its lakes, Oyunuma and Okunoyu, all of them offering views on nature you'll never forget.

On the picture: Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ebisu

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On the picture: Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ochanomizu

On the picture:  Takebayashi dori, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Arashiyama

On the picture: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture: Ueno, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ueno

On the picture: Harajuku cosplayers, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Harajuku

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On the picture: Stone lanterns in Nikko, Japan

On the picture: Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Arashiyama

On the picture: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shibuya

On the picture: Hachiko crossing, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shibuya

On the picture:  Shinsekai, Osaka, Japan
Osaka - Shinsekai

On the picture:  Narita, Japan

On the picture:  Shrine gates, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Akasaka

On the picture:  Main street of Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Akihabara

On the picture:  Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Aoyama

On the picture:  Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Asakusa

On the picture:  Harbour city in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
Otaru. Hokkaido

On the picture:  Kibune, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Kibune

On the picture:  Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Ginza

On the picture:  Buddhist temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Higashiyama

On the picture:  Yokohama, Japan

On the picture:  Meiji Jingu Shinto shrine, Yoyogi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yoyogi

On the picture:  Shinkyo bridge, Nikko, Japan

On the picture:  Todai-ji Buddhist temple, Kagami-ike ( mirror pond ), Nara, Japan

On the picture:  Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

On the picture:  Osakajo ( Osaka castle ), Osaka, Japan
Osaka - Osakajo

On the picture:  Piers in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
Otaru, Hokkaido

On the picture:  Shimokita, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shimokita

On the picture:  Yurakucho station in Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yurakucho

On the picture:  view from Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Tower

On the picture:  Kenpo tournament, Nippon Budokan, Kitanomaru Koen, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Kitanomaru

On the picture:  Buddhist temple at Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto - Higashiyama

On the picture:  Shinagawa station, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinagawa

On the picture:  Yoyogi park, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yoyogi

On the picture:  Kamakura beach, Japan

On the picture:  The Glico neon ad in Ebisubashi, Osaka, Japan
Osaka - Ebisubashi

On the picture:  Kyoto station, Japan
Kyoto Station

On the picture:  Jinbocho Book Town, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Jinbocho

On the picture:  Aomori park, Tohoku, Japan

On the picture: Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Yurakucho

On the picture:  Shinjuku station platforms, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinjuku

On the picture:  Minato Mirai 21, Yokohama, Japan

On the picture:  Hama-Rikyu gardens, Shinbashi, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo - Shinbashi

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