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Photo: Shibuya Foodshow court. Giving it a deep thought and choosing the right kind of pastry is a national pastime.

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Photo Albums on Sapporo
and other Hokkaido cities

On the picture: Sapporo, TV Tower and the Odori Koen park winter illuminationOn the picture: Sapporo Station, Hokkaido, JapanSapporo

Odori, Susukino, Moiwa yama

Travel Japan in photos - click for citySapporo
The largest city and the prefectural capital of Hokkaido, it's a place that the word spacious can describe best. Its geography is unique to other cities as it was planned well ahead during its foundation in the 19th century. Almost 2 million people come and go on the gridlined streets to the gigantic shopping, dining and business center around the train station in the north, to the entertainment districts including Susukino on the south, and Odori koen in the middle. Its most famous icons include the TV Tower, the Odori park itself, the colonization-era buildings of Akarenga and the Tokei-dai ( clock tower ), the Sapporo Beer-en, Japan's first beer brewery, and the view from Moiwa yama.

On the picture: Izakaya ( pub ) entrance in Aomori, JapanOn the picture: Otaru, restaurant front at the canalHokkaido region, Tohoku region

Aomori, Noboribetsu, Otaru


Only half an hour away from Sapporo, an ideal place to go out hunting for ( interesting ) food. Its main attraction apart of a large number of kani ( crab ) and fresh sushi restaurants is the seaside where a colonization-era scene is photographed by thousands of tourists each day. The canal and its surrounding buildings bring up a feeling of the 19th century... Germany.
The northernmost larger city of Honshu ( Main Island ) and an important passageway to even further north, Hokkaido. It serves as a regional center for the area, and as a midway stop for travelers as well, with a large number of hotels and a long shopping street running from the station into the heart of the entertainment district. Its most famous view is the Aomori Bay Bridge.
Japan is world famous for its bathing culture and spas, and within Japan the most famous attraction is definitely Noboribetsu Onsen. Located deep within a volcanic mountain range is the tourist center with nothing but hotels, spas, restaurants and shops catering to the people arriving from all over the country. The water is supplied from the nearby natural hot springs, visiting its origin is an attraction itself. Only about ten minutes away from the center you are already deep within Jigokudani ( Hell valley ), and not much further you can see the active volcano Hiyoriyama and its lakes, Oyunuma and Okunoyu, all of them offering views on nature you'll never forget.
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