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Travel guide to Tokyo and Japan, with the pictures downloadable in large version for printouts, backgrounds and wallpapers.

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Photo: Shibuya Foodshow court. Giving it a deep thought and choosing the right kind of pastry is a national pastime.

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Tokyo People, Shibuya, Ginza, Harajuku street fashionTokyo

Tokyo Guide, Sightseeing: If you only have a day, and want some pictures of Asakusa...
Tokyo City Downtowns: Old & Modern markets, buildings, gardens in Shinjuku, Ueno...
Tokyo Street Fashion: Young and Popular Tokyo. Shibuya, Harajuku, Daikanyama...

Tokyo Travel Guide for Tourists who stay (shopping and dining). Ginza, Tokyo Tower...
Tokyo Tour through atmospheric areas, visit the Budokan, take a walk in Kanda...
Tokyo Shop, Fashion Guide: Clothing and food stores in Jiyugaoka, Shimokita and Koenji.
Tokyo Bay, Architecture: Modern Tokyo in contrast with the suburbs and age old gardens.

Extreme Engineering: Tokyo's Sky City DVD

Extreme Engineering: Tokyo's Sky City

A plan that might be too grandious even for Tokyo, SkyCity is planned to cope with the challenge of showing even more apartments and businesses right in the middle of Tokyo in a single 1 mile high super-skyscraper. Watch the documentary and join leading engineers from Japan, Taiwan and Canada as they try to tackle the immense mechanical, structural and logistical issues behind such an enormous project... ( from Discovery Channel )

Dogenzaka Shita crossing view from the 109 mall, in ShibuyaTokyo
(...) As every modern city, its an ocean of opportunities for both locals and visitors, an ideal place to amuse yourself as a tourist for weeks, or to find a lifestyle of your own pace for months or years. There's plenty of historic sights both hyped up and hidden in the shadows of major attractions, and a lot of activities you could participate in from world debut of new technology, conventions of nearly all kinds from anime through cars, fashion, sports to health, and festivals for all seasons. You'll probably need to offer something in exchange of course, but as opposed to the common misrepresentation of Tokyo being overly expensive, it's not necessarily money, but your own effort to give it your best catching up with yourself and to find what you were looking for. For more information on Tokyo flip through the rest of the articles in the travel guide. Reading them while browsing the photos might be entertaining as well. Not to mention that both are much more informative if used together (...) For more information on Tokyo visit the Tokyo Guide in the Japan Travel Guide section of the site. Reading the articles while browsing the photos might be entertaining as well. Not to mention much more informative at the same time.

Below is a list of interesting locations with the least possible compromises towards our own preferences ( sorry ). Many of them might ring a bell for people with some knowledge of history or an eye out for Japanese entertainment, all of them are well known town centers with a unique style... well basically cities within the city. If it's not much to ask, for your own benefit do take your time to browse through those short descriptions, in which we tried to convey some of the atmosphere of the different areas, and in case you still have no idea where to start... you could still follow through the Tokyo Scenes album series. Which is a heavily biased but quite practical way to familiarize yourself with a certain kind of Tokyo, for there are many, and follow up on the districts either on this site, in a separate publication... or even in real life. Well that's what we're hoping to get you into anyway.

Young and energetic entertainment, shopping and fashion district with views everyone has seen at least once. Often the world debut stage for music, movies, and games, vibrant and never boring.
Aoyama, Omotesando, Jingumae
Neighboring Shibuya, a relaxed option to dive into tokyoite culture and shopping. Hosts modern galleries, design showrooms, cafes, boutiques and gardens.
For those whom this name rings a bell no introduction is needed. For those who don't know, they probably shouldn't go there. The world center of Anime, Manga, Games and electronics with a strong pushover style.
The heart of Tokyo, Japan, and probably one of the most famous cities in the world. A more adult version of Shibuya, shopping, dining and entertainment district, and home of the gigantic and calm imperial park.
Trendy and cult fashion district for everyone who likes to be stylish. World famous for extravagance in people and even food, and the number of boutiques per square meters is matched nowhere else in the world.
In between Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku, home of the Meiji Jingu shrine and its surrounding gardens, as well as the Yoyogi park, the Yoyogi stadium and a colorful lot of people visiting.
Asakusa, Azumabashi
Home of Senso-ji temple, Asakusa shrine and the Azumabashi bridge, the most famous historic views of Tokyo. Also the ideal place to buy classic souvenirs and see a wide variety of tourists.
Elite and somewhat snobbish shopping and entertainment district, mainly for wealthier audience. Hidden in the smaller streets you will find all the necessary scenes and stars for a movie about a never-existed Tokyo.
Tokyo Station, Marunouchi, Yurakucho
Geographic center of Tokyo, famous for the Imperial Palace, and the home of business complexes, banks and the International Forum.
Kanda, Ochanomizu, Jinbocho
Scenes from Jinbocho, or "Book Town", and its more relaxed surroundings, of universities and students in Kanda district.
Nippon Budokan, Kitanomaru Koen
Huge park in the heart of the city, only minutes away from the Imperial Palace. Home of the Nippon Budokan national martial arts hall.
Komagome, Rikugien
Rikugien, beautifully maintained historic traditional Japanese gardens and strolls displaying famous scenes in all seasons. Located in Komagome.
Travel back to the 20th century to see more relaxed but somewhat late scenes of Tokyo. Ueno park is home to many museums, galleries and a zoo, while the Ameya Yokocho shopping arcade gives you an idea of the old fashioned downtown markets.
Shiodome is home to the recently completed project the SIO-SITE with 21st century high-rise apartment complexes, hotels, media broadcast centers and malls. At the Tokyo Bay end you'll find the Hama-Rikyu gardens with breathtaking views.
The center of one of the largest districts in Tokyo, Setagaya-ku. A nice and relaxed suburban feeling with a glimpse on how residential areas live their lives on the streets everyday, all in the shadow of the skyscraper of the Setagaya Business Center.
Odaiba, Tamachi, Tokyo Teleport
Another huge project of architectural wonders, populating the entire Odaiba Bay. Home of the Rainbow Bridge, amusement parks, business centers, clubs and the Fuji TV broadcast center.
Tokyo Tower
The most famous icon of Tokyo, overlooking the city in all directions, offering a perfect view on how vast it actually is.
Tokyo Dome City
Tokyo Dome City hosts more than the stadium itself, there are amusement parks, the LaQua shopping complex, the Prism Hall, and a huge hotel overlooking the area.
Daikanyama, Sakuragaoka
South of Shibuya, north of Ebisu, a relaxed residential area and a trendy - if somewhat pricey - small shopping district. Refined in taste both in fashion and food with many shops offering merchandise imported from all around the world.
Home of Ebisu Garden place, a recently built very stylish looking shopping, dining and business complex. Less busy than the neighboring Shibuya, and hidden around the huge station the streets showcase some of the best clubs and restaurants.

Hidden on the map but known to everyone who cares, the south gate exit opens to streets with the best shops for high-school age and young adults. A likable guide for fashion, music, books, clubs, and independent theaters.

The north side is a colorful, cute and always crowded town of small shops, restaurants and cafes, while the south exit runs into the new PAL avenue shopping arcade. Further south you'll arrive to Look, THE vintage fashion clothing street.
Yotsuya, Shinjukuitchome
East of Shinjuku, north of Shinjuku Gyoen ( the imperial park ) is Yotsuya station. Even though not much of an attraction, offers lots of calm strolls by the side of typical Tokyo buildings, without the crowds.
A famous residential area and its "open air shopping mall", a town center with classy and stylish food, fashion, and other lifestyle related shops from overseas cosmetics to Nihon ningyo ( Japanese doll ) crafts.
The station is built together with two of the world's largest department stores, which get extremely crowded during seasonal sales. Also home of the Sunshine 60 complex. Catering to shopping people of all ages and style its closest relative in Tokyo would be Shinjuku.

Home of Hie Jinja ( shrine ) and its famous torii, or shrine gates, that lead up to the top of the hill. Mainly a business center with an atmospheric entertainment and dining district for the nearby residents - thus somewhat close to Roppongi in feeling.

Located at the southwestern prefectural boundary it's the furthermost end of Tokyo, offering a one-of-a-kind view from Asama Jinja ( shrine ) to the other side of the Tamagawa river.
One of the busiest, largest and most advanced stations in Tokyo, with platforms for all Shinkansen trains that head west. Outside it's a business center with glass and chrome colored high-rise buildings.
A nice and calm area with a typical university on one end, and a typical relaxed shopping street on the other end of the station.
Roppongi is not Japan. It's a business, residential and entertainment district for foreigners, thus has a definite unpleasant feel for some.
Map of Tokyo
by Google Maps
Photo Albums by Scenes
selected photos from entire Tokyo
Tokyo Scenes 1 : Tokyo Guide, Sightseeing
If you only have a day, and want some pictures of Asakusa...

A tour around some of the, if not the most famous historic sights in Tokyo, often seen on the first page of travel guides, the beautiful temple complex of Senso-Ji in Asakusa, the Asakusa Jinja ( shrine ), Azumabashi and the gates of the Hie Jinja in Akasaka.

Asakusa - Senso-Ji

Hozo Mon gate

Asakusa - Senso-Ji

Akasaka, Asakusa, Azumabashi

( 30 photos ) - Tokyo Guide, Sightseeing

Tokyo Scenes 2 : Tokyo City Downtowns
Old & Modern markets, buildings, gardens in Shinjuku, Ueno...

Images on the real downtown's of the city, centers for and of all ages older than Shibuya and Harajuku. Scenes from classic shitamachi arcades, and the world famous views in Shinjuku. A collection on both the sometimes overly busy shopping streets and all the nearby gardens and parks, beautifully maintained traditional escapes once only for the imperial family, now open to everyone.

Tokyo - Ueno

Tokyo - Rikugien

Tokyo - Shinjuku

Ikebukuro, Komagome, Rikugien, Shinjuku, Ueno, Yotsuya

( 112 photos ) - Tokyo City Downtowns

Tokyo Scenes 3 : Tokyo Street Fashion
Young and Popular Tokyo. Shibuya, Harajuku, Daikanyama...

An ultramodern, people oriented city, the young and energetic face of Tokyo.

Tokyo - Shibuya

Jingumae, Harajuku

Tokyo - Yoyogi
Shibuya, Harajuku, Yoyogi, Ebisu, Akihabara, Daikanyama

( 250 photos ) - Tokyo Street Fashion
Tokyo Scenes 4 : Tokyo Travel Guide
for Tourists who stay (shopping and dining). Ginza, Tokyo Tower...

More famous town centers in Tokyo, both historic and modern, with the elite shopping and entertainment district of Ginza, which name would probably ring a bell to anyone, the Tokyo Tower and the view it offers on the city, the innermost of Tokyo, Yurakucho station and the Tokyo Forum in the Marunouchi district. ( With but a glimpse on Mori Tower, the icon of the (in)famous high-tech business and tourist center, Roppongi. )


Tokyo - Yurakucho


Ginza, Marunouchi, Tokyo Tower, Roppongi

( 35 photos ) - Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo Scenes 5 : Tokyo Tour
through atmospheric areas, visit the Budokan, take a walk in Kanda...

A closer look at some of the most unique and atmospheric districts of Tokyo, including Kitanomaru Koen, the park which gives home to the Nippon Budokan national martial arts hall, Jinbocho or "Book Town" in the middle of the university district of Kanda and some nice views on how spacious Tokyo can be, near the Ochanomizu station.


Jinbocho Book Town

Nippon Budokan

Kanda, Jinbocho, Ochanomizu, Kitanomaru Koen, Nippon Budokan

( 27 photos ) - Tokyo Tour

Tokyo Scenes 6 : Tokyo Shop, Fashion Guide
Clothing and food stores in Jiyugaoka, Shimokita and Koenji.

Open air town centers with great atmosphere, a different view on how Tokyo can be much more cozier if you take the effort to find the right place for you. Shimokita is the young oriented small center for fashion, music, clubs and theater or just hanging around aimlessly, browsing a much more calm neighborhood than of the downtown's Koenji with its atmospheric shotengai of small shops, restaurants and cafes to the north and the PAL avenue shopping arcade to the south. And Jiyugaoka, the most popular among people who don't mind higher prices for the right surroundings, gourmet cuisine, fashion or home decoration.



Koenji - Look

Shimokita, Koenji, Jiyugaoka

( 62 photos ) - Tokyo Shop, Fashion Guide

Tokyo Scenes 7 : Tokyo Bay, Tokyo Architecture
Modern Tokyo in contrast with the suburbs and age old gardens.

A quick tour round the 21st century complex of SIO-SITE, a fine collection on modern architecture, coexisting with the graceful gardens of Hama Rikyu in Shinbashi. Also featured is the Rainbow Bridge passing over the entire Odaiba Bay area directly to the parks and amazing structures of Tokyo Teleport, and finally some additional scenes from Shinagawa, Tokyo Dome City, Mejiro, and suburban Tokyo life in Yoga.

Tokyo Teleport

Hama Rikyu Garden

Rainbow Bridge

Shinbashi, Odaiba bay, Shinagawa, Tokyo Dome, Tamagawa, Yoga, Mejiro

( 63 photos ) - : Tokyo Bay, Architecture


On the picture: Chuzen-ji lake, Nikko National Park, Nikko district.Nearby cities in the Kanto region

Nikko and Nikko National Park, Kamakura, Narita, Yokohama



Travel Japan in photos - click for city Yokohama
South of Tokyo, with a population of 3 million people. A huge port city with a gigantic collection of 21st century architecture at the Minato Mirai complex. Also hosts many museums and parks by the bay, and the main attraction, a sparkling gold, red and blue chinatown catering to the entire Kanto region.


The nicest place to get faraway yet stay close. Two hours north of Tokyo, with world heritage Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and the forests of the Nikko national park.


Narita is not a part of Tokyo, in fact it is about two hours away by train if you don't pay for the express. But nonetheless well worth a visit by everyone for its relaxed countryside streets and alleys. Home of a beautiful, large Buddhist temple-complex on Narita-san, and a tourist-oriented but cute all the same main street.


A popular field trip destination with lots of historic temples and shrines... of which none are covered here. Since it's also at the ocean-side with a well-equipped beach offering views you just can't catch deep inside the mainland.

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