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Photo: Shibuya Foodshow court. Giving it a deep thought and choosing the right kind of pastry is a national pastime.

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Tokyo Travel Guide

Real prices in Tokyo
vs. western legends

A quick note right up front... Tokyo is NOT expensive. No need to be defensive for it simply just isn't. It may be more expensive than other, less busy cities of Japan but, and especially compared to the prices in America and the EU, it's fairly cheap.

Another quick note... which will uncover the mystery on how come every single information you got about Tokyo prices were the exact opposite of this fact. The answers are quite simple.

Main reason... you better stop being like a tourist

First of all most western people who visit Japan are tourists, and tourists tend to be less observative of the fact that they are still on the face of earth, and are still within the same human society, only a bit further down the usual road.

Now what would happen if you'd ignore the fact that there ARE places in your hometown which are said to be of higher class, or more in the center than others, and that these places used to serve the public on the same, or only a little higher level than others, bill you five to ten times for it ? You'd go broke. If you'd pretend that there's no difference in price for the same simple restaurant meal in a historic district as opposed to the one in your neighborhood, start running down on the main street for groceries instead of going to the supermarket, buy your necessities in the last minute and right on the spot where you'll need them, for example a photo camera in the shop below Tokyo Tower... just what can you expect ?

Some local street knowledge, just the same common sense you use at home will not just let you know the city better, be a lot of fun while exploring everyday traditions but also will lower the budget to half at least. No kidding, there are an awful lot of differences between social classes and the associated costs in Tokyo. But again... this goes the same for every society that is in fact one of the economic leaders of the world, doesn't it.

If you don't have anyone to follow you through these tiny little things of everyday life, all you need to do is get a GOOD guide on Japan, that at least tries to fit you in... as opposed to tell you a tale on history and misrepresent everything you see to its own taste.

Even more common reason... get accustomed

When in Japan, trying to lead a lifestyle you're used to overseas... your daily costs will be as high as... trying to lead Japanese lifestyle in the west.

Even though when mentioning Japanese and western lifestyle don't expect the difference between the two to be that much big. It's the little things that take up your daily expenses anyway. Don't worry you don't need to exchange your bed for a futon, neither to start on sitting on your six tatami floor, unless that's your intent.

While Japan, and especially Tokyo may be quite an international place to be, some things that the country has caught on only recently... meaning only a couple of hundred years... may be less rooted in its economy than others, thus be more rare, hence more expensive. On the other hand things you were used to overseas to be more expensive because they originated from Japan or its neighborhood will be much more cheap.

In case you'd like to learn more about how to cut down the costs, take our guide as general hints on at least the basics of doing so, but try to do some research on your own, if only by chosing the right travel guidebook. As mentioned before we recommend Lonely Planet publications on Japan.

Japan Guide

- Japan Visa, border entry, what to bring and be prepared with
- Japanese maps, Navi mobile navigation, easy orientation for travelers
- Convenience stores, the resupply stations that sell everything
- Japanese Vending machines, for drinks, tickets, cigarettes and more
- Japanese Food, and all kinds of food in Japan, restaurants, fast food, cheap food...

Tokyo guide

- Tokyo - as we see it - introduction
- Budget Tokyo apartment rental, accommodation, let go of the concern
- Tokyo Prices, the real cost vs. western legends, how to make most of your budget
- Cheap Tokyo Stores, bargain tips, where to find what, fashion to electronics
- Tokyo Cafe life, a guide to Cafes serving as meeting points, hangouts and life-savers
- Tokyo Parks and Gardens, well maintained icons of tranquility, tradition or having fun
- The Tokyo crowd... escaping from Tokyo to Tokyo, evading downtown rushhours

Photo: Hachiko crossing view in Shibuya, Tokyo
Tokyo Scenes 3
Ultramodern, people oriented city, the young and energetic face of Tokyo

Well, the site may be a little too excessive especially on the issue of Tokyo, but here are some of the most essential photo albums...
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On the picture: Shinjuku, in between the station and Kabukicho
Tokyo Scenes 2
Images on the real downtowns of the city, centers for and of all ages

Photo:  Asakusa, Senso-Ji Buddhist Temple, the Hozo-mon gate
Tokyo Scenes 1
A tour around some of the most famous historic sights in Tokyo

Tokyo Scenes 5
A closer look at some of the most unique and atmospheric districts

Tokyo Scenes 6
Finding the right place... whichever it is... from Shimokita to Koenji

Tokyo Scenes 4
Famous town centers in Tokyo, both historic and modern

Tokyo Scenes 7
A quick tour on the harmony of 21st century architecture and everyday life

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